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Arabic Mehndi patterns


Arabic Mehndi designs are very famous in all over the globe. Arabic Mehndi is one of the most generally known kinds of Mehndi designs. It is composed of big easy floral patterns beautifying the feet and hands of women, though reflecting the expertise and skill of the artists and individuality of designs from all other customs surrounding the Arabian Peninsula.

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Arabic mehndi favors to temporary body art painted on the feet or hands with henna paste. Henna is a small tree or tall shrub, 2-6m high. Henna blossoms have 4 sepals and a two mm calyx tub with three mm extend lobes. Henna leaves are initially grinded to powder and combined with blend of tea as well as mustard oil to make a solid paste. Generally this is a color of brownish red, but the henna can be combined with other plants materials to alter it is general coloring. Once the mehndi paste has been used then you cannot truly use your hands for the next few hours as ample time has to be given to the mehndi in order to fully dry.

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Arabic mehndi design uses trailing, bold flower styles with open spaces on just one side of the feet and hands. The designs don’t necessarily cover your feet or hands all the way. Arabic styles have more skin showing that Indian styles. Arabic mehndi consists largely of floral designs: human and animal figures are not generally used. Arabic includes henna designs, traditional henna and unique general Hedrababi just such traditional henna styles. Arabic is a term which is generally used to describe flora designs including petal, steams, flowers etc and it involves leaving of a lot of area when compared to the Indian Mehndi. Note that Indian designs consist of many little shapes, while Arabic designs consist of several big shapes with big areas that are fully filled in with henna.

Wedding are a complicated affair in India, comprising of a big number of customs, traditions and rituals. Henna is typically applied during unique occasions like festivals and weddings. Wedding or any kind of holy occasions looks incomplete without mehndi design. Wedding being the most vital day in one’s life, mehndi has become a decoration for the soon to be brides. Henna was actually used as a type of honor mainly for brides. Family get-togethers, engagements, after having a baby are also causes for women to wear mehndi tattoos and designs.

Arabic Mehndi Designs for Hands & Feet

Heena or Mehndi is used for traditional and wedding functions in South East Asia as temporary Henna patterns or tattoos. The henna tattoos are much little tattoo designs such as a bird or heart on the shoulders or arm, but the traditional Arabic Mehndi designs for hands & feet are generally adopted by women on traditional and wedding such as Eids. The Arabic mehndi designs for hands & feet are quite special can be distinguished by their complex design.

In south East Asia there is a separate wedding event known as mehndi where there are songs, dances, and the bride gets imprinted with mehndi designs. Culturally a bride gets henna styles on her arms, hands, and feet. The objective of these designs is to make the bride look beautiful. There are countless kinds of designs from the fully heavy up to the forearm designs to the lowest and low patterned designs.

The best thing about the Arabic mehndi designs for hands & feet is that you can make it fine with just about any way you go, from swirls and loops to flower patterns and easy line designing. Sometimes people go by beginning from the small finger and working their way to the forearm. Some brides favor simple and small designs on their feet while other want big patterns till their ankles. It is all about what the bride wants how best the artist can be. Other than the bride, the relatives and close friend also put the designs their hands and foot with the henna although they are generally not as big as the brides design.

Mehndi designs for hands & foot are also used by pretty girls on Diwalis, Eids and different traditional functions. The weddings are generally seen with pretty girls and all the ladies want to get their hands decorated with different patterns on their arms and hands. There are many catalogues also available with most famous Arabic mehndi designs for hands & feet such as small designs and florals that people can copy if they like.

The best thing about henna designs is that anything will eventually look perfect if the designs balance each other, such as flora would go excellent with vine like designs while some people favor random shapes. Arabic Mehndi designs for hands & feet generally end in narrowing pattern along the forearm. So no issue what the occasion mehndi design can simply be used to include to the beauty of gorgeous women.

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