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A bridal looks not complete without mehndi because it is an old traditional of almost every Asian nation. It gives uniqueness to the beauty of the bride.  There are many types of mehndi but 3 of them are very famous which include Indian, Pakistan and Arabic designs. The other name of this beauty item is henna and this name is generally known as in UK and USA. Every girl wants to look very awesome and beautiful on her wedding day. In order to complete her that wish it plays a vital role.

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One of the most vital accessories of South Asian customs, traditions, weddings and festivals is Mehndi. These beautiful henna designs of woman’s hands not only improve the bridal look but will also bring intrigue to the guests and bride of the wedding.

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There are many types of bridal mehndi designs in the wedding world today. Though Arabic patterns and westernized concepts were once used most for bridal mehndi designs, today traditional mehndi designs which need lots of perfect job are high in demand.

One popular mehndi styles doing its rounds in bridal mehni designs are flora designs with intricate and paisleys features and basically anything that is funky. The modern trend looks to be green mehndi with shape stones. It some wedding, people like wearing mehndi with patterns that match the shape of their outfits.

The bridal mehndi designs are generally applied on the bride a day before the wedding. This is organized a part of the wedding event where expert mehndi designs will be invited to apply mehndi to be bride legs, feet, arms and hands. Further to this, the relatives and guests can have their legs or hands filled with mehndi to become a part of the wedding celebrations.

Part of the wedding tradition for bridal mehndi is the “name game: where the groom has to find his title that is written, and secret on the bride palm.

Though quick and chemical mehndi offer fast color to the mehndi design, it is not that fit as the chemical found in it can cause skin reactions and other skin allergies. It is forever perfect to use cultural mehndi than fast mehndi using cones as cones provide perfect control while making out the bridal mehndi designs.

When drawing mehndi designs, it is vital that the parts have to be initial washed with water and soap. Reject using oily soaps as this will just stop the shade of the mehndi from setting correctly on the parts. Then the bridal mehndi design has to be kept on the part for 2-3 hours till it tries.

Do not apply water to the part for a minimum of 1 day to get the top color from the bridal mehndi. Make it a point to apply a mixture of lemon and sugar at least twice on the day area.

Once the mehndi begins to fade and tends to become erratic, you can delete the mehndi design fully using cosmetic body bleach or water.

Bridal Mehndi Designs for hands and feet

It is not vital which kind of henna design is using, then vital thing is that it can applied by an expert person. A girl who knows how to apply bridal mehndi designs for hands and feet in a pure and clean way she can make herself more gorgeous and beautiful. It can be applied on different parts such as neck, legs, arms and hands but a bridal favor to apply it her complete feet and arms. Therefore if you are a bride then you will definitely love and prefer these designs. It is one of the most vital testimonials on any occasions like religious events, wedding and many other functions.

These parties and functions are the sign of joy and people believe that they cannot think them without mehndi. This is the initial need of women’s when they are begun to beautify themselves with makeup and that makeup cannot finish without mehndi patterns. With the passage of time these designs becomes more different and complex especially for bridals. Bridal mehndi designs for hands and feet consist of remarkable designs like mutual shapes, peacock, floral and cuts designs with high delicacy.

Now a day women’s introduced a fashion to sue glitters in with henna because it generate some type of sparking and shine. As everybody give main concern to style these days and every woman wants to raise beauty of not only her face but also her feet and hands. So she wants new Arabic mehndi designs for her wedding day. I hope that through this post all the mate can simply select the elegant and stylish henna for wedding. Some other types of bridal mehndi designs for hands and feet are Russian, irani, and Africans for brides are also available.

Henna is becoming famous all over the globe has its traditional and cultural beliefs. Upcoming and fresh styles of life forever solve the issue of a bride to select a design for herself.

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